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The gorgeous photo on the right is FINCA floss.

I call this drawer the "Southwest Assortment."


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Listed Alphabetically By Distributor

brown paper packages: Silk & Ivory, Stardust, and Trio

We stock 221 colors of silk & ivory . Each 28.5/yd. skein $5.25.

Stardust is silk & ivory blended with metallic. Do not pre-cut into strands – roll into a ball and cut as needed. Each 28.5-yd. skein $5.75.

Trio is a three-ply thread, intended for 18-count. I’ve split it, replied it and used it for gorgeous French knots on Santa’s coat on a 14-count stocking. Color selection limited. Each 14-yd. skein $3.95.

Here’s how to prevent this gorgeous thread from pilling, courtesy of Susan from BPP. "Take each end of the length and scrub them hard simultaneously on your wrist. Thread the needle with the end that is in better shape. This will not only prevent pilling, the thread will lay smoother on 18-count canvas." I also run the length through my fingers in both directions. Thread in the smoother direction.

The Caron Collection Watercolours Perle Cotton

Each ply is the equivalent of #5 perle cotton. Each 10-yd. skein is $3.25. Larger hanks of 40 and 100 yards are available by special order.

To show off the variegation to its best effect, strip all plies and wrap into a ball. This uses each ply in its entirety. That advice contradicts the instructions on Caron’s website. This thread is on "Buy One, Get One FREE" Closeout!

Fleur de Paris Bellalusso Wool

You won’t miss Medici once you try this luscious merino wool improvement! Each 45-yd. skein $3.25. Hanks of 350-yds. Available by special order $9.95.


Presencia Perle and Stranded Cottons

If you haven’t tried this incredible thread, you’re in for a treat! Customers tell me that they are hooked on the hand of this 100% Egyptian cotton beauty. Several went so far as to donate their DMC to charity! Yes, this Spanish import is THAT incredible!

FINCA floss $0.75/8m skein.

Variegated floss on closeout $0.50/skein.

Perle cotton in size 3 $1.50/10m ball (27m/30yds) on closeout!

Ten-meter balls in sizes 5 (44m/48yds) 8 (70m/77yds) and 12 (116 yards)

$2.25 for solid colors.

All variegated Presencia perle cotton on closeout  99 cents/ball.

Presencia’s Metallic Floss available in 12 colors

This is the only metallic I’ve ever worked with that gives such clear stitch definition! The model was completed using two doubled plies. Each ply laid perfectly without a laying tool! Not only that, the thread frogged with no hassle, when I decided to change one section’s color.

Each ply is the equivalent of the competition’s #4 Very Fine Braid, and consists of a polyester core with genuine 100% metal sheathing.

Each 8m six-ply skein of this beauty sells for $4.50.

To the right is the 1840 nightcap pattern by Franklin Habit found on Ravely.

One of my customers, Margaret Mary, knitted this using nine balls of

size 5 perle cotton! You should see it up close!


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